“A family of witches, their magic long abandoned, reunite around their mysteriously ill mother, where an ancestral spirit who holds an ancient secret of their bloodline is released. Throwing them into a battle across time to save their lives, and the future of mankind.”

Witches is a modern world fantasy about a family of magically gifted women, scattered and estranged after the tragic death of their father. With her sisters having abandoned magic and each other, youngest daughter Fae turns to her powerful gifts when their mother Charlotte falls ill. In doing so, she inadvertently reveals a dark secret in their bloodline, one that has remained a secret for thousands of years.

Forced to reunite, the down to earth musician Brooklyn, closed and guarded Margaux, goal seeking but unfulfilled Violette and adventurous, uninhibited Colby soon discover, in spite of their differences, that the mystery of their ancestors secret, holds the key to saving the world from a power focused group known as The Enlightened. Allowing nothing to stand in the way of their domination, The Enlightened pursue the witches across space and time and while the sisters work through their traumas in a desperate bid to save their lives and the future of humankind, a greater threat grows in the darkness.