Joshua Diaz as Jarad in WITCHES

Joshua Diaz as Jarad in WITCHES

joshua diaz 


Joshua Diaz has been quietly biding his time in homegrown passion projects across America, where he lived for a while. His contributions to the horror comedy “Skunk-Ape Hunters in Texas” as Bar Patron about proving and debunking myths in surprising ways; the comedy “Neil Lives His Dream” as Winder Carmichael finding unexpected fame with a lip-synching band and a sci-fi horror short about zombies in “Ghedes Origins” have showcased this young Hispanic actor’s genre-hopping range, dream-fulfilling and solid international body of work.

Born and based in Melbourne as one of eight kids, Joshua grew up to be a star athlete in sprinting (state 100m) and martial arts as well as representing Australian Rules football. In addition he has been a hip-hop dance choreographer and has been professionally competing in Muay Thai since he was seventeen. His passion for acting was as fine: he was awarded full scholarship to Stella Adler’s Conservatory Program for two years.

Joshua’s most recent stint – a spiritual family piece about a scientist’s conversion and faith through apocalyptic obstacles – is also his most personal one to date, as this is the same work ethic that he approaches towards acting and towards life. Similarly, his supporting role in the award-winning and true story romance “Bella” about fate and serendipity changing three New Yorkers’ lives forever is one that is close to his heart.

It’s films like these that has made Joshua want to pursue acting in the first place, because not only they inform his own journey, they also are an exercise in the maxim: ‘You have the power to do anything you want.’