Ali Hawli // Costume Assistant

My name is Ali Hawli and I am currently working full time at Bossini menswear (specializing in men's suits and formal wear). I graduated from the Melbourne fashion institute in April 2015 with a certificate in fashion styling and hope to become a world known fashion stylist (hopefully working for a big magazine one day). Aside from my full time job which is daily personal styling, I also do plenty of editorial and commercial styling and some personal styling outside of Bossini as well. I have helped dress and style multiple runways including bridal exhibitions, hair exhibitions, Virgin fashion week in Melbourne and more. I am now overly excited to be working alongside an incredible team in shooting the Witches TV show and hope to be working on that for a while. Fashion has always been a big part of my life and I like to think I have a great eye for fashion as I notice fashion automatically everyday through my daily routines and take pride in what I'm wearing and when I've got a happy client who feels amazing in something I've put together for them it definitely makes my day. Fashion certainly chose me as I can't even remember when I started noticing fashion and started following fashion as a daily routine!