Noelle Rego as Santasia in WITCHES

Noelle Rego as Santasia in WITCHES

noelle rego


Noelle's latest credit is the role of Santasia in the TV Series, Witches. Prior to this she played Georgia Hayes, an ensemble part in the theatre production, ‘The Exonerated’. As well as the role of Kali in the independent feature film, 'Experience The Knowing'.

Noelle has been in a range of productions from media campaigns, web series and short films, some of which include films accepted into Tropfest and Sunshine Film Festivals.  She has trained with VCA, TAFTA, Howard Fine, Meisner, Lyndelle Green (Chubbuck technique). Recently she trained with Suzanne Haywood for her Southern American accent as Georgia Hayes.

Noelle's hope is to be able to combine her passion for creative expression with an ability to move people with truth and positivity ...and ultimately make a difference in the world.

“Jani, Loko, Rego, and Brumen in particular are luminous, with subtleties and balance in their performances that are rarely seen.”

Planet Arts Melbourne review of The Exonerated 2015