ASH K HALLiburton // PRODUCTION DESIGNER & art director

Ash K Halliburton is a Creative Producer and Art Director now based in Australia, Asia and London. Having worked in fashion, film, installation, festivals and most recently reality TV, Ash has an exceptionally creative mind with over ten years experience in the industry. Once a full-time model in London with top agencies, Ash combined working freelance in London, where her love of production, direction, art direction, casting, scouting, publications and visual merchandising were discovered. She is able to turn her hand to anything creative and challenging, approaching every project with enthusiasm.

An ideas-orientated Englishwoman with far too many ideas for her tiny (size opinions differ) skull, Ash rediscovered her creative spark in Bali and pushed herself into visual direction and creative content, with a strong belief in change, progression and diversity. Her mantra is, ‘creating anything is possible’. In addition to all of the above, Ash is an agent and international model scout at Present Model Management. 

"Witches has reignited my passion for creating, for making something materialise in front of me, and also making me realise that I can do this. My confidence was at an all time low, and Natassja's belief and trust in me has been really life affirming. I have managed to create - with the help of some amazing crew- something beautiful, and something that I am very proud of. Equally, I have made some friends for life on this set, all working towards the same goal, and all excited about this amazing show. I truly look forward to continuing to produce beautiful footage."