NATASSJA MAY LINDREA // writer, director

From the tender age of three, I developed a passion for Story. My career as a creative artist was inspired by my father, an accomplished Musician, Film Editor and Sound Producer and my mother, another creative within the specialised Hair, Makeup and Performing Art mediums.

I had an insatiable appetite for creative outlets, which saw me trained in singing, dance and drama. My father exposed me to the mechanics of film making as a young teenager and introduced me to the world of Sci Fi and Fantasy based chronicles. This reading material developed my palate of creative ideas and my love of story telling evolved.

At 19, I began my formal training in film at the Film Space with Aleksi Vellis, where I further developed my skills as an actress. Observing Aleksi's work with actors to improve their performance, stimulated my interest in directing. Since then, I have produced, directed, and choreographed shows for the Hair and Beauty Industries competition circuits. My first show as Assistant Creative Director and Choreographer, for "Ascot", was shown at Crown Palladium and took home the top prize.

In 2015, I formed Witches Pty Ltd. and am now primarily focused on the production of Witches TV Series, a concept that I began to create in 2015. I was drawn to theatre and acting because these gave me an outlet to experience ‘other realities’. Witches commonly moves between my experienced reality and the ‘other-worldliness’ of the supernatural. The Witches story is an affirmation of courage, based in large part of my personal life. Having suffered the passing of my father, I have travelled the corridors of darkness and risen above it. 

To this end, I am driving the fusion between my creative persona and the responsibility to make Witches an international successful Australian TV series and help improve the Australian Film Industry, for the creative people of Australia.