Antonelle Lindrea’ s experience within the Hair, Makeup, Fashion and Performing Arts industries spans over 35 years, she has Artistically Directed the Hair and Makeup departments for international events including The Australian and Melbourne Opera Company and is currently Creative Director for Victoria Polytechnic (Victoria University) in the Diploma of Specialised Makeup and Hair Design. She is a national Judge for Industry competitions in Hair, Fashion and Makeup for the prestigious Hair and Beauty Association and Industry Hair Society. She has directed numerous artistic events for stage and Carnival installations within the mediums of music and theatrical shows.

Antonelle networks with RMIT, Swinburne University, Whitehouse School of Fashion and Photography Studies College forging the minds of young artists towards their chosen careers is what drives her own creativity forward. Antonelle’s mindset for her students is that of her own, Create, Grow and Develop.

Witches has a timeline that expands over hundreds of years, in which both Period and Avant Guard designs will be the development for hair and makeup. This is Antonelle’s area of expertise. The Avant Guard designs have highly complex technical applications using crafts and products that engineer structures to create the fantasy Genre of the show. The Period looks require sophisticated understanding of methodologies, tools and products to create authenticity and continuity. Antonelle’s knowledge is fundamental to her ability to break down a design brief and interpret what the requirements are for designing and creating the look.

Antonelle creates opportunities for her students, entwining them within her productions, stimulating and creating vision and goals for future industry artist,. Witches will create opportunities to these future designers across the board in Fashion, Styling, Hair and Makeup. Currently, Antonelle has nearly twenty students experiencing the excitment of Witches. A full production these numbers will expand to over 100! One of the major motivations for Antonelle re Witches is the platform it has for creating images with Hair, Makeup and Fashion in current, period and fantasy styles not currently seen on commercial television in Australia which will create a benchmark for TV that is not just recognised in Australia but applauded globally.